Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October has arrived!

Ah, October has arrived. And it's starting to feel like Fall on some days so I'm a pretty happy camper right now. First, I wanted to update you guys on how I did with my September goals and set some for October!

September Goals Update!

one // Have our apartment completely finished. We are so so close. it is done enough that I plan to do an apartment reveal super soon! It was supposed to be this week but yesterday at work, my whole week got changed so I'm exhausted and it may not happen.. 

two // Get my hair done. DONE! I'm obsessed. I'm STILL getting compliments!

three // Date night with my man. DONE. Ish. I don't think we did a legitimate "go out to eat date night" but we did make some dinners and have nights to ourselves so I count this as a success. 

How our date nights go...
four // Exercise. Nope. Not even a little bit. Oops. Life just got in the way of this goal. 

five // Make some important changes.  This still hasn't happened. I did make one move and then it didn't work out, unfortunately. I wish I could go into details but seeing as I know some people read this and can't know about it quite yet, so I can't! Soon, soon, friends!

Now on to October goals.. 

one// Make some changes. This is back on my goals for this month. Even if the change doesn't officially happen this month, I need to focus on getting there. Send some good vibes my way, friends!

two // Make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and apple cider. And anything else fall-related. I need this place constantly smelling like fall and deliciousness.

three // Keep playing with my closet. We really can't afford for me to buy anything else for my closet (like the shoes I bought last week..) so I'm trying to get creative with my closet because I'm feeling bored. This is also why I've gotten in the habit of posting my OOTDs: to keep my closet fun. I also plan on selling and then donating some of my clothes. And I am allowed to use that money to shop ;)

four // Consider working out again. Maybe the cooler weather will motivate me?

five // Explore Charlotte some more. We have plans to do some exploring this weekend! I've actually never been Uptown (except for driving through it ONCE) and I really want to get out there and play.. especially with the perfect weather upon us!

Lunch in Southpark

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Sara Elizabeth said...

Shopping your closet is seriously the funnest thing! You'll find things and pair them together that you'd never thought of before.

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

I totally failed my September goals! Oh well! I'm hoping cold weather will motivate my exercise goals as well!

Erin LFF said...

Yes- work out girl!!! I just joined a gym last week and I'm already feeling so much better. More energy and sleeping like a rock hehe! I can't wait to see your apartment.. you put me to shame though. We've lived in our house for 2+ years and its still not 'done' lol!

Shannon said...

I love playing in my closet and coming up with new combos! It makes the clothes I have fun again. Cold weather has really helped my workouts, and made me realize how not in shape I am.. Bring on October!