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Harry Potter Lovers! {A Link Up}

When I saw that a few fabulous girls were hosting a Harry Potter link-up, I immediately grabbed the button and save a post in my drafts. And then it just sat there. And sat there. Andddd sat there. And now it's the day of the link up and this little post is still blank. Well I guess by the time you read it, it'll be full ;)  I have so many thoughts and feelings about this series that I couldn't put it into words - and I still don't know if this will do it justice!

I've been reading Harry Potter since the very first book came out. I remember all the churches freaking out and telling parents not to let their children read these books because "they're so full of witchcraft and evil". But, I wanted to read it so  badly that my mom decided to read it first. After deeming it "appropriate" and actually liking the book, my mom handed it over and I was hooked. 

Ever since The Sorcerer's Stone, I pre-ordered every book and got them the day they came out. I saw every movie on opening day when I was a little bit younger and then at every midnight release once I hit middle school age. 

A memory that stands out the most is with The Goblet of Fire book. I couldn't drive yet and my mom had to be at work at 8 am, so I woke up at the butt crack of dawn in the middle of the summer to go to work with her so we could stop at the bookstore on the way. I sat in my dad's office chair from 8 am until we closed at 6 pm reading that book. I think I put it down for maybe 30 minutes to eat breakfast and then another 30 minutes for lunch and that was it. 

To me, Harry Potter is my childhood. I've re-read every book at least... 6 or 7 times. I've probably ready the first four even more than that. I still re-read these and I have the last two displayed on my bookshelf in our living room (the rest have been read so many times they're not really pretty anymore..)! Every time I read one, I find something new that I love and I'm transported back to summers at home. 

My Favorite Harry Potter Moments
These are movie gifs, but I almost always like the book version better!

one // Dumbledore. Just Dumbledore. His character is phenomenal. JK Rowling developed such a wonderful person - even if we did find some things out in his past that may not have been "perfect" - to me, the character was perfect. And had some of the best quotes, ever. He was also hysterical. 

two // When Harry learns that Sirius is his godfather and is in fact, innocent. He discovers his relationship earlier in the book and he breaks down. I liked that Rowling showed such real emotions that a 13 year old would really feel in this situation. Then, when he finds out that Sirius isn't guilty and is asked to live with him, I think my heart almost exploded the first time. And then, it almost exploded again when Sirius had to live on the run. More than anything, I wanted Harry to have a happy ending then!

three // When Hermione and Ron finally get together. Obviously, I like the book version of this so much better. It's more realistic in my opinion. I was never one who wanted Hermione and Harry together, it was always Ron in my opinion!

four // The deaths. Okay, this sounds weird. I didn't love the deaths. Not at all. But, I loved how JK Rowling had me to attached to fictional characters. I cried at every single death - Sirius, Dumbledore, Moody, Lupin, Tonks and don't even get me started on when we have to lose a Weasley. I had to put the book down and come back later. It takes a special author to rip my heart out like that. I also understand why she made those deaths happen.

five // Harry greeting Voldemort with every intention of sacrificing himself. His selflessness allowed him to survive and I definitely cried again when I thought he had died. I legitimately thought JK would have killed Harry - just to make it more realistic. I'm SO glad she didn't, though. That poor boy needed a happy ending!

I realize some of these moments are weird to put under my "favorite Harry Potter moments" but to me, my favorite moment is anything that solicited a huge emotional response form me and made me love the series even more than I already did. If you haven't read the books (like my fiance...) please go read them right. this. second. You will NOT regret your decision. 

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Melissa Nicole said...

Fred's death still haunts me to this day. </3

Anonymous said...

I couldn't handle Dobby's death. It really bothers me.

Sara Elizabeth said...

Hagrid's face in that scene brings tears to my eyes! I'm still upset about Fred too :(

Kalyn P said...

I LOVED when Harry found out that Sirius was his Godfather, and I cried when he died in Order of the Phoenix, it would probably be the only part of the series that I would change!

Kay said...

The Deaths were some of my favorite parts too! Obviously not favorite as in I loved seeing the characters die, but for the same reasons you said.. I loved that JK Rowling made me care that much. I absolutely couldn't handle the Weasely death. Bawled like a baby. And Dobby.. that one tore me up too!

Monica @ The Empty Teacups said...

The first time I ever cried reading a book was when Sirius died. I'm still not over it.

Morgan said...

I completely understand what you mean about it being weird that these are your favorite moments. Some of these moments were my favorites too, even though some of them were sad. They are what made the books/movies for me!!

Anonymous said...

I have not read the books yet (but am planning to). I just watched all of the movies. Dobby's death almost made me cry, and I am someone who does not cry at movies/books!

I was glad that Ron ended up with Hermione. I hate how Harry and Hermione - at least from what I saw in the movies - are always coming up with the brilliant plans and ideas, and Ron is the bumbling third wheel. I think it's great that he got Hermione, so Harry wasn't the "top dog" in that case.

gingernextdoor said...

Found your blog while browsing through the High Five for Friday link up! Your posts are super cute! And i LOVE finding other bloggers who also love harry potter :) haha

I'll be following your blog for sure! :)


Beth Bocock said...

Get out of my head!

These are some of my favorites too! I was bawling through most of the seventh book, especially with Fred.