Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall Lovin'

In my opinion, it's definitely not fall in Charlotte but some days it almost feels like it may be coming. Everyday that it's not fall, I wish I was in Boone because Boone is the most glorious day to be on a crisp fall day with the breeze blowing the gorgeous red and yellow leaves across campus. And that would be why Christian and I are planning a trip up there in two weeks for our anniversary!

While I'm dreaming of a true fall, I thought I'd tell you a few of my absolute favorite things about the season and some of these might be just a little bit weird.

one //  The clothes. Seriously, my fall/winter clothes board on Pinterest is out of hand. But, I adore jeans, boots, scarfs and cardigans WAY more than I do shorts and tank tops. This may stem from the fact that I hate shaving my legs but who knows...

Yesterday's outfit!
two // Fall candles. At Cracker Barrel, we sold Woodwick and Yankee candles. Woodwick are my favorite. They have a wooden wick that crackles and pops while you burn it and it has a wonderful relaxing sound! Of course, I also love Yankee's fall scents. I dragged Christian to the store last week and made him smell a million candles!

Some of my current favorites!

three // Corn mazes. And carving pumpkins and everything else along those lines. We have a huge corn maze near my house in GA and it was always the thing to do in high school on Friday nights. Last year, we found one in Boone and it was such a fun way to spend the day. I plan on going back in a few weeks!

Last year's trip!
four // Driving around with the windows down, with the cold air blowing through the car and the heat on. I know that may sound weird but the day that Christian did the exact same thing on the way to dinner, I thought it was adorable!

five // The colors. Seriously. The leaves. I could stare at trees all day. I always used to take a drive up on the parkway to watch the leaves change colors. In my last apartment in Boone, there was a gorgeous tree outside my room that had the most beautiful colors, ever!

I mean, it's beautiful in the winter, BUT LOOK AT THE FALL COLORS.
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Stephanie said...

I know we discussed this last night but yes, seriously, woodwick is the best! Such good scents and I just adore the crackling sound. I just burned Vanilla Bourbon, I couldn't bring myself to blow it out. Loved it.

Katie said...

One thing I'm glad you didn't mention...the Pumpkin Spice Latte! I've actually never been to a corn maze, but heard they are fun.

Erin LFF said...

Love it alllll! :) We just got Yankee's caramel pecan pie candle (i think that's the name) OH MY YUMMMAY!!!

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

I love everything fall! And Yankee and Woodwick candles are awesome! You should come up to the Northeast and see the fall colors, so amazing!

Becky said...

I'm soooo excited for fall!! I loved walking around Tech during the fall - I miss being down there!

Anonymous said...

Loved that outfit! Fall can't get here soon enough for us North Carolinians!

Amanda said...

*delayed comment time*

I love that outfit! I feel like cheetah print flats are just a wardrobe staple and perfect for so many outfits. I LOVE corn mazes and pumpkin patches! You'll have to let me know if you find a good one- last year Sam and I could not find one in Charlotte, and ended up at this cute pumpkin patch/farm place, but the "corn maze" was a few bales of hay on the ground in a not very maze-shaped manner. I think we might try the Greenway in Fort Mill, though!

Teh Megan said...

Ah!! Seeing these photos makes me home sick! Fortunately (?), I have to come to NC soon to get my car inspected and the pictures of the parkway are so tempting!

If you really love fall smells, check out the Yankee Candle Autumn Wreath scent.. mmmmmm.