Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Well this is just no fun.

Today, App State went back to class. I definitely didn't think I would be so sad about that, either. But I am. Don't get me wrong, I am so so  excited about the things that are happening in my life right now. There is so much going on and tons of great things on the horizon, but, that doesn't stop me from being sad that I'm not starting a new school year in my absolute favorite place in the world. 

I also really love living in Charlotte and being so close to Christian (and about to be so much closer!!) and my friends. But, why do I feel homesick for Boone? I've never felt homesick for Athens. Yes, when I go to Athens it feels familiar and comfortable. But, when I go to Boone is feels right. 

It's weird to feel so excited for what's happening now and what the near future holds while also being so sad and wanting to do anything to be back in Boone, taking classes and walking across campus while the sun shines and a cool breeze blows. Last year, I thought I may have to take an extra semester and now I wish I had. 

I know had I done that, though, and I was living in Boone, I'd be wishing it was over and I was in Charlotte and living with Christian already. It's such a back and forth feeling that I have no idea how I really feel. 

After a lot of thinking and being sad and being happy and just being confused, I realized it's a matter of what "home" is to me. And I realize that home is not Charlotte. I've always wanted to live here, and I like it and it may eventually feel like home, but right now Boone is home. But, home doesn't always have to be a place. Home is also Christian. That'y why I feel so torn between the two places. If I was still living in Boone with Christian. I would love it. 

The problem is, there is no real future in Boone unless you're working for the school. So for now, we will settle for weekends trips to Boone where we met, fell in love and feel at home. 

The next trip can't come soon enough. 

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Anonymous said...

Charlotte isn't so bad, I lived there for 12 years and some days I do miss it! Besides Boone is just a short weekend trip away. :)

Sara Elizabeth said...

I know a few other bloggers who went to App State and they all have the same feelings about Boone! Seems like a great place to spend your college years :)

Unknown said...

I hear ya girl... it's such a weird season in life,I feel like. After college, mid 20s, moving around, etc. Just think of it as a new adventure in a new town, but Boone can always be where your heart is :)