Monday, August 26, 2013

Sometimes you need a nap.

And that sometimes would be me. Right now. Granted, I don't know when you're reading this but I can safely assume I will be wishing it was nap time based on the last 3 days of my life. 

Let me elaborate. I'm sure that's why you're here, right? To read about my weekend on this glorious Monday? :) 

So Friday, Christian, his best friend and I headed down to Athens to see my parents. Can we just talk about how much it sucks to be in a car you're not driving and therefore don't control the radio?! It's even worse when the guys you're with like screamo and crazy rap music when I'm more of a Luke Bryan/Mumford and Sons kind of person. Other than the music, we had a blast on the drive down and we also stopped at Zaxby's. My belly was so happy. 

Once we got to Athens, we hung out with Christian's friend and his girlfriend for a little while before heading to my parents shop. After going up to the attic in the shop to pick out what furniture we want in our apartment and coming out with a real gem I cannot wait to show you guys, we headed home until dinner! 

We played with Teddy and then headed out to Outback for dinner. We all know how much I love steak and just how happy I was there. Two phenomenal meals in one day makes for one very happy Leslie. After dinner, we finally finally got to meet the puppy! She is like a baby polar bear. 

Saturday, I thought we would do something fun with my family. This is not what happened. My little brother found a truck he wanted at a car dealership. I'm under the impression that it was the one in Athens and Christian and I could just run into the furniture store while they looked at it. Turns out, it was 45 minutes away and there was nowhere we could go. 

Thinking it'd be a relatively quick thing, we decided to tag along, especially since I was only going to get to see my parents for the day. Six. Hours. Later. We are leaving with a new truck for my brother. After not eating all day and making Christiana and I wait around all day. As soon as we walked back in to the house, we packed our bag and headed back to Charlotte. 

It's a 3 hour drive and we left at almost 8p. Needless to say after a few stops, we finally made it home around 12:15a and the cat was pissed. And therefore, he did not allow me to sleep. Which meant when I woke up at 8:30a for a 10 hour work day Sunday, I was a very, very unhappy person. And to make it better, I had errands to run on my lunch break and we were so busy that they cut lunches and I had no time to run my errands which put me getting home later than planned Sunday night. 

Once I finally made it home, I attempted to catch up on blogs (how come I'm always behind on reading?!) and turned on the VMA's just in time to see Justin's performance and of course N*SYNC PERFORMED WITH HIM. It was like I was 10 all over again. But, I really wish it been a little bit longer. But I'm guessing Joey just wouldn't have been able to handle it ;)

Today, Christian and I are moving into our apartment so I know I will be passing out crazy early and you may and or may not see me around here tomorrow! 

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Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh that little baby. I want her so bad.

Life As The Coats said...

She is so cute!! The pic of Zaxbys definitely just made my stomach growl hahaha! Glad you had a great weekend! Next time take headphones haha!

Kelly said...

I agree, naps are the best and your puppy is adorable!

Sparkles and Shoes

Becky said...

Yayay have fun moving!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I just had to let you know how funny I think it is that you went to eat at two places I've worked in one day. Zaxby's and Outback. :P