Monday, August 5, 2013

Mondays are for sleeping in!

So many things happened this weekend that I almost forgot we had a weekend! For starters, Thursday I was assigned a new schedule at work. I requested to work 4 days a week, 10 hour shifts so I could have an extra day off during the week! So now I've got Monday, Friday and Saturdays off. At first, I really wanted Wednesdays off to kinda break up the week, but then I realized how exhausted I am on Sundays when I head to work, so Mondays off is the perfect break!

Anyways, on to the real weekend recap! 


I'm seriously sitting here trying to figure out what in the world I did on Friday. It seems like it was that far away. So Christian was working from home so there was a lot of laziness the first part of the day. Then, for lunch we headed to Southpark mall to Chipotle. This is becoming a pattern on his work from home Fridays. After that, we walked around the mall a bit before he sat down in a massage chair that costs $4299 and asked me...

You want this chair instead of a ring, right??
Needless to say, I said no. 

After he finished up working, we headed to Best Buy to look at tablets and TVs. After no luck there, I dragged him to Target and ended up buying $3 worth of stuff. That was happens when your boyfriend goes with you... 

After that, I headed to dinner with my friends Sam and Alyssa at a restaurant on Lake Wylie. Sadly, I'm a terrible blogger and did not get a single picture of that. Oops. After dinner, we ended up watching Space Jam and drinking a couple beers. It was perfect, in my opinion. 


Saturday, we slept in and spent a lazy morning just hanging out. Then Christian asked if I had checked to see if any apartments were available yet in our time frame. And there was!!! So we snatched it up, picked a date and signed our lease online. After that, we headed to the complex to view the exact apartment and finish up any remaining paperwork. I am so SO excited!! It can't come any quicker!

Saturday night, I cooked dinner in the crockpot and we had plans to watch a movie. But, we ended up heading out with some friends and ended up having a blast! And of course, we tried to take a picture. 


My manager called wanting me to come in early for some overtime. NOPE. Not doing it. So I waited until 12:30 to head in like normal. It was an interesting day and I spent my last HOUR AND A HALF on ONE phone call. That lady was absolutely killing me. She was batshit crazy. But, I think she knew it because she did thank me for being so patient and nice to her. 

He really hates when I leave him. 


I'll be spending today reading blogs, watching Christian work from home, running errands and hopefully laying out by the pool. 


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Amanda said...

Wah, I need to be in Charlotte right meow. It's too cold for the pool here! & I love that picture of your kitty :)

Erin LFF said...

Haha- I want that massage chair, but I would def say ring FIRST ;)

Becky said...

Yayy congrats on the apartment!!! And I would definitely say ring first too :)