Monday, July 1, 2013

How to NOT have an awesome weekend.

First things first, I HAVE INTERNET. I am ridiculously excited. This also started off my what I thought would be an awesome weekend. Boy, I was wrong.

Disclaimer: I'm a cranky beaver right now, so this may be a slightly depressing start to your Monday. And I wrote this in a really bad mood, but my weekend did improve. 

I picked up Christian after I got off work at 9pm (yes, on a Friday..) and we went straight to the Ben and Jerry's across the street from my apartment. After devouring that slice of heaven, we browsed for a movie. Before we could start it, Mother Nature blessed me with some awesome back pain that left me in the fetal position on the floor. So that was a blasty-blast.

Saturday, the plan was for us to go up to Boone. Friday night, I'm informed Christian isn't actually coming because he has super de duper important work things to attend to and needed Internet access. SO anyways, I don't wake up until about noon because I was up all night with those lovely pains from Mother Nature and I slowly start getting ready for the day. I drop Christian off at his house and then the awesome happens. 

My tire starts making the worst noise. It sounded like I had a flat spot yet there was no flat spot. There was nothing stuck in the tire. There was no visible damage. But obviously, I wasn't allowed to drive it up a mountain. So we take it to two different shops and the second one decides he can look at it, but not fix it. That's helpful. 

We go to the mall for the lunch and Christian takes my ring to Kay to have the pearl reattached. They inform us they have to send it off it could be July 15th before I get it back. Reallyyyy? The woman also tried to get us to look at engagement rings. We all know that I would be fine with a ring on my finger, um, yesterday, but he wasn't having it.

We finally get my car back at 5pm and they say nothing is wrong with it. So here's to hoping that terrible, scary noise it's making doesn't cause the tire to fall off and send me careening into oncoming traffic on the way to work. And no, I'm not dramatic at all. 

It also appears that Christian has made plans for Saturday night even though we were supposed to be in Boone (I'm obviously convinced he knew he wasn't coming way before he told me). Once I realized I wasn't going to Boone, I planned to go out with them. But once I got home after my super annoying day, I did not want to move and told Christian "nope, refusing to come out, bye, see you Monday". 

I spent Saturday night in sweats, hanging out with Zuko watching tons of TV including Despicable Me and reading the almost 800 unread posts I have from the lack of Internet. I read as many as I could on my phone but it just wasn't always possible!

Sunday morning, I woke up and planned to head up the mountain with my loud tire. Christian texts asking how I feel. The conversation goes like this...

Him: How are you feeling?
Me: Fine. 
Him: Want to go to Crowder's mountain?
Me: No.
Him: :( 
Me: Boone.

Obviously, I was still being a cranky pants. He calls and asks to come with me and I tell him no. He asks again nicely and says he'll drive so I say yes. We head up to that glorious town and stopped at the outlets. All of my favorites were having a 50% off everything sale!! So I got some great new stuff from GAP, J. Crew and Banana Republic. 

After an awesome shopping day, we headed to my apartment to pack more stuff and do laundry ( I have to pay for it in Charlotte, so I'm taking laundry any time I go up...). Christian napped while I did these things and sat outside enjoying the phenomenal weather up there. NO humidity. 

We had Cook Out for dinner before heading back home in a nastyyyyyy thunderstorm. I was honestly nervous driving through it. But, then it calmed down and I had myself a dance party in the passenger seat while Christian tried to ignore my awesome singing skills because he's jealous. 

Although, Friday and Saturday were pretty awful, Sunday almost made up for it. I've also got some awesome blog things in the works and posts planned for every day this week so that helped make Sunday even better :) 

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Jennie said...

Sorry your weekend was not all fun! I feel you with the back pain, ugh, no fun at all! But glad it turned around some on Sunday and you found a good sale, that always makes me feel better!
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Chelsee W said...

I hate that you had a rough weekend..hopefully things will get better!!! Yay for internet:)

Becky said...

Haha anger beaver. I'm glad your weekend got better!!! Sales at outlets and wonderful weather sound pretttty nice! I hope your week goes well!