Monday, June 17, 2013

First weekend in the working world!

My weekend didn't start on Thursday like it used to, but I still have to talk about it because I ate this:

This is a mason jar was bout halfway filled with brownie, topped with ice cream and whipped cream. Then, on the outside ti has chocolate fudge and nuts. So you scoop out your brownie and then scrape the side as the topping. Heaven on earth. I should also probably mention this was consumed at a bowling alley... as was our dinner...

Ok, by the time 4 pm on Friday rolled around I was so. sleepy. But, then our trainers at work informed us there was a happy hour at 5pm. We all perked up quite a bit knowing we had some ice cold beers awaiting us. I also somehow didn't get a picture of this glorious moment because I was too busy drinking my beer. Sorry? 

Anywho, after work I ran home to check on the baby cow before heading to my friends' to grill out and  chill by the pool for a bit. My sweet boyfriend greeted my with a six pack of my favorite beer. Obviously, Friday was a good day for me. After the pool and eating, my friends made me watch Despicable Me since I had yet to see it. I loved it and I am super excited for the next one to come out!

Puppy lovin' before the pool.
Saturday, we attempted to sleep in, but Zuko doesn't understand weekends and why mom wasn't getting up like normal. So he made sure to make a ruckus and jump on my face and meow for a good hour and then run away when I tried to catch him to put him in his kennel to sleep in. So that was a blast.

I was also woken up later by two men speaking in Spanish and knocking on my door. At first I thought they were at the neighbors but after the third knock, I figure out it was mine. I start trying to find real clothes to answer the door in and they knock TWO more times. I get to the door and this happens:

"Do you speak Spanish?"
"We're taking a census of Spanish people speaking people in your neighborhood. We didn't want to know on everyone's door so can you tell us who speaks SPanish in this building?"
"I just moved in."
"Okay, have a great day."

Are you kidding??? You banged on my door for 20 minutes for that and you didn't want to bother anyone else??? Needless to say, we were NOT happy after that.

But, since we were up, we decided to make moves and be somewhat productive. The plan was to go to IKEA, then drive through an apartment complex we saw that might be nice and then lay by my pool for the rest of the day. That is not at all what happened.

After IKEA, Christian decided he wanted to drive through the Mazda dealership to see if they had the car he's been looking to buy because the closest one he's found was 100 miles away. So after finding the exact car he wanted, and test driving it, and them being able to knock the price to exactly what he wanted and with me saying GET THE CAR PLEASE ITS SO PRETTY a few hundred times, we drove off in a new car..

I am SO excited for him. He's been driving a 1995 Infinity G20 since he learned to drive and now he just bought himself a 2014 Mazda 6 less than a year after graduation. He's worked so hard for it, and I'm so happy I was able to be there with him during such a big decision!

We were also asked a couple times if we're married because "we just seem like we've been together forever" and I'm "a keeper" apparently. Anytime, no, Christian, any time... ;)

After he showed off his car to his family and his best friend, we grabbed a drink with his best friend. There was a UFC fight on in the bar and everyone was so into it and I kept covering my eyes. I'm thinking they'll leave me at home next time.. But it was great to just chill with them because we always have a good time together.

But, we didn't get home til after 2am and I'm apparently a grandma these days because I was exhausted and slept in way too late on Sunday. Sadly, I couldn't be with my Daddy yesterday, but I talk to him a few times a day and they're at a race so I'm sure he understands! I spent most of the day reading, running a few errands, catching up on my 338 (ahhhhhhhhhh) unread blog posts and trying to finish unpacking my bedroom!

And of course, I'm linking up with Sami over there since I had some non-moving shenanigans!


Meredith @ Barbell Wardrobe said...

Yay for your move to and getting settled in Charlotte. That chocolate things looks fantastic. I'm also a little jealous that your job sounds so cool

Becky said...

Wooohooo that's so exciting he got a new car! Peter got a new car last year but didn't pick it out because it was a birthday gift! Have a good second week of work :)

Anonymous said...

That brownie creation looks and sounds AMAZING. And it was from a bowling alley? Wow! I'll have to try to make that someday.

Spunkee Belle said...

That brownie is mouth watering!!