Monday, May 13, 2013

Officially an alumni :)

I graduated. I'm officially no longer a college student. When people ask "what I do" I now say I work at a company in Charlotte instead of "I go to school at App State".  It's weird. I feel so weird. 

But, it was a great weekend and I felt so loved! So here we go...


I spent the day just hanging out with Christian and cleaning up the apartment so it was presentable for my family to see it. My family and my best friend got to Boone in time for dinner and we met them at a delicious BBQ place called Woodlands. After taking them to their hotel to check in, they came to see my apartment for the first time and hang out with us. After my family left, I got to spend time with my best friend and Christian. 


Graduation day! I had the worst time sleeping and I woke up a ball of nerves.  I'm really not sure why I was so nervous, it's not like all of a sudden they were going to tell me I failed all my classes and couldn't graduate. It's not like I have to start working today. It's not like I legitimately thought I was going to trip on the stage. But regardless, I was nervous. 

We went to brunch at a place called Char. Everyone's food was wonderful. I didn't really have an apetite but what I did have of my salmon and spinach salad was delicious. We came back to the apartment for me to finish getting dressed and head over to the ceremony. 

My best friend and boyfriend!
I'm honestly shocked I didn't cry during the ceremony. There were a few moments when I got teary eyed but it was so surreal to be sitting there with everyone looking at us and celebrating our achievements. When it was finally my turn to walk across the stage, I couldn't even look at my family and friends or I definitely would have cried. 

After the ceremony, I tracked my family down and we took the obligatory graduation pictures. We headed to Outback for dinner and of course it had to be prom night for the local school. Way to make me feel super old. 

Parents, brother, boyfriend, friends!

The goal was to go out Saturday night like everyone else, but my poor stomach had other plans. I just was not feeling well so we stayed in and I still had a nice night with great friends. 

Walking out for the last time

I was supposed to go home on Sunday, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. My excuse was that there were things that needed to get done in the apartment (which is very true because the kitchen has way too much food in it to be left for weeks) but I just wasn't ready. So I ran a few errands, chilled at the apartment and then took a sunset drive on the parkway for the last time for awhile. 

This weekend was definitely a blast and a wonderful experience. But it was so bittersweet knowing I will never live here again. I wouldn't want to live here forever, but this place is special and I love it so much. 

Now, I'm headed back to Athens for a couple week before moving to Charlotte and starting work on May 28th. I guess it's time to be a grown up. 


Leslie said...

Congratulations!! Your pictures look so beautiful! I can definitely understand why you didn't want to leave.. that sunset is breathtaking.

At least Athens is in that wonderful season now that the college crowd has mostly left. Summer in Athens is my favorite :)

Stephanie said...

Awww! Congrats!!!

Becky said...

Congrats!!! Reading your recap makes me excited/sad for graduation now! I'm glad you had such a great weekend celebrating with your family and friends :) you looked so pretty on graduation day!! :)