Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's been fun, Boone.

I decided to continue saying good bye to Boone today, too. Yesterday I talked about the views and other things I'd miss and a few I wouldn't miss. Today, I'm linking up with Stephanie and Chelsee for the Party Don't Start til I Walk In to talk about all the fun nights we had up on this mountaintop!

So here we go with a typical night out in Boone:

Dinner. The night usually started with lots of food. Chilis, Los, Mellow Mushroom, etc. 

Pregaming. We almost always pregamed at Alyssa and Kristin's apartment. 

Just check out the counter. That's about 20 minutes in.

Beeper. Boone has something called "beepers" these are people that sign up to drive people to and from the bars and parties for about $2 per person each way. This is such a lifesaver because without it, we would've walked in the snow, ice, rain, etc. many times in heels. And sometimes one of us would volunteer to be the DD, but with beepers that wasn't really needed. 

One of us decided to drive. Got a flat. So we took pictures.

Taking pictures in strangers' cars. 
Bars.  Boone doesn't have traditional bars. It's a town ordinance that 50% of their profits must coem from food or they get shut down. So around 10/11p at night, a lot of the restaurants transition into bars. We've got the "dance bars" like Char or Paolucci's, "sports bars" like Town Tavern, "porch sitting bars" like Murphy's or Portofini's. I know those names mean nothing, but we usually started at a porch sitting bar and depending on the alcohol ended at a dancing bar. 

Postgaming. Sometimes we come home and continue the drinking. Or pass out. Whichever. 

Man, I'm really going to miss college. I don't think you're allowed to start drinking at 5p and go until 2 am on a Wednesday in the real world. If I'm wrong, please let me know. 


Do you have any fun party stories? Link up and let us know! 


Meredith @ Barbell Wardrobe said...

you can start drinking at 5 on a wednesday but you better hope you've got thrusday off :)

Chelsee W said...

Omgsh, I seriously have one of those huge jugs with a handle for drinks...they are perfect for pre-gaming, because they hold so much! Thanks for linking up with Stephanie and I...Have a great Thursday:)

Stephanie said...

I haven't postgamed in forever. My mom visited me in college and was shocked when my friends wanted to go to "afties" (after-hours) after we had just drank all day for football and then went out all night. Oh college. I miss you.