Monday, May 6, 2013

Birthday Weekend Shenanigans!

So. UH. Like. I'm old now. Seriously, I want to stay 21 forever and this weekend I found out that I can't actually do that like I had planned. So here I am another year closer to my grave older and about to graduation. Wish me luck on this week... I legitimately may not make it with my liver fully intact.

So Friday.

I started the birthday weekend off with a trip to the library. Funsies. Ew I just said funsies. Anyways, after that I headed down the mountain to Charlotte, like always. Once there, I got ready for Tim and tried to convince Christian to wear a cowboy hat. I did not win that one but he did wear flannel. Close enough. 

He hates pictures, hence the creepy face. 
Just had to add this because I concern myself.

Tim was beautiful. Some of my friends aren't huge country fans and they said it wasn't that fun. I personally though it was a blast and seeing how it's my birthday that's all that matters ;) 

Beautiful, beautiful man. 

Saturday. The day I got old.  Yes, it happens in a day, my friends. One day. I was treated to breakfast by Christian. Good ol' Waffle House. Yes, I chose that. I actually kind of begged for it. Sorry, I'm from Georgia (pronounced Gawwgaaa, by the way). After a trip to the mall with him, we headed to see Iron Man 3. Hands down, best one... almost as good as The Avengers. 

Best friends. Too adorable.

That night, since we had Christian's house to ourselves, we all grilled out and drank a few beers while playing Circle of Death with some suuuuuuper redneck playing cards. After a few hours, we went to bed early because that's what you do when you're old like I am. 

Richard Petty 1992 cards. 

Sunday. After sleeping in a tiny bit, Christian and I drove to Monroe to have a fancy lunch with my grandparents, uncle and cousin for my birthday! They made some of my favorite foods and then presented me with a gorgeous and HUGE birthday cake that was chocolate with cookies and cream frosting. I mayyy have dug into that way before a picture was able to be taken. 

After a small panic attack about getting old, graduation, moving to a new city, etc, etc., I headed back up the mountain in the disgusting weather. After being reprimanded by the Zukes for leaving him for barely two days, it was straight to the library to work all night. Fun stuff. 


But, it's okay. I've got two group papers and a presentation today and a final tomorrow at 3p and then I'm done! So, so close!  

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Stephanie said...

Haha his little kitty eyes are so full of anger!
I'm glad you had a good birthday weekend!