Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Friday!

Being able to schedule posts is the most wonderful thing in the world! When this goes up, I'll be asleep at my boyfriend's house in Charlotte and away from all the snow and sleet from Thursday. Yes, it's STILL snowing here in Boone. 

Anywho, this weekend is set to be absolutely awesome. This morning I'm watching a friend graduate from the Charlotte PD Police Academy. Then, I'm sure I'll spend some time being lazy before this girl's rehearsal dinner! 

Then it's up early for all the wedding festivities on Saturday! I cannot WAIT to see this two get hitched finally. They're the sweetest couple and I'm so happy for them. 

 I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


Becky said...

We got snow here too! Afternoon classes got cancelled yesterday! Enjoy the wedding! :)

Leslie said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend!! Hope you enjoyed the wedding!