Thursday, March 14, 2013

This is a post about my cat.

Okay, so I'm mildly obsessed with my cat. For proof, see my Instagram (and feel free to follow!). Anyways, I'm always wondering what this guy is thinking. He just does the weirdest things (for proof of this, check out this picture at the end of the post).  So, I decided he needed a little post of his own. 

Meet Zuko. Named after Danny Zuko from Grease. My first dog's name was Sandra Dee (Sandy, for short, of course) and I had to carry on the tradition. Christian has been informed our dog's name will be Kinickie, Rizzo or Frenchie.

I love animals of all kinds. But, my landlord doesn't allow pets. So I decided a kitten would be the easiest thing to hide from him (bad, Leslie..). I considered not adopting one until this May when I moved out, but Christian and I went to the Humane Society and I walked out with this guy.

He was tiny! He and his brother had been found under a house. They said he was the weight of a 6 week old but the length of an 8 week old, so they placed his birthday at May 15. Little guy was mostly bone, but he loves to eat so that changed real quickly. I also had to keep him at my boyfriend's for a week and then go home for a week so my old roommate wouldn't find him and tell the landlord. So that's his ugly blue furniture, not mine!

It's been pretty stressful having to hide him whenever my landlord comes up and he did catch him right before Thanksgiving. So, I left Zuko in Georgia with my parents for about a month but I just couldn't take being away from my little baby so I brought him back. When the landlord comes, I board him or take him to a friends. But it's only happened twice and I've only got two months left here!

His favorite activities include:

Sitting on his scratching post instead of scratching it
Helping mom pack
Laying on/under his favorite blanket
Wrapping presents
Laying awkwardly on mom. And putting paws on her face.

Sleeping in weird positions

Sitting in windows
Cuddling with mom

Other notable mentions:

- Sitting on mom's computer while she does homework
- Ramming into her books while she reads
- Stealing her pens while she writes
- Standing on her chest while she tries to sleep
- Waking her up by running around and knocking things off surfaces at 6am
- Biting her nose to wake her up (honestly, I just thought this was kind of smart)
- Knocking his water bowl off the table multiple times a day so mom puts fresh, cold water in it

This little guy was definitely more of a handful than I thought he would be, but it is totally worth it (and one day I'm sure I'll say that about babies, ha). All I wanted in a kitty was a little guy to snuggle with and I definitely got that. He loves sleeping right on my chest or between my knees at nights. And currently he's laying behind the computer with both paws resting on me.

So, if you hate cats (SHAME ON YOU :) ), I'm sorry for this terribly long, obnoxious post about my kitty. But I spend more time with this guy than any one person right now, so he deserved his own post in my opinion! 

Do you have a pet? I'd love to hear about him/her! 


Stephanie said...

So I totally skipped a bunch of other posts in my feed to read about the cat. I'm obsessed with my dog too, it's ok. And my landlord, actually my last 3 landlords, don't know she exists.
He is so cute!! I love him! That cold water thing is hilarious, how smart.

Anonymous said...

What a nice post, I'm totally obsessed with my cat too, she's name Sydney! :) I love cats, they're so funny and beautiful! :)