Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Wow. My weekend was boring and tiring so there's really not much to say here...


I worked all day and then my sweet friend from work invited me over for dinner with her and her husband. We had an absolute blast eating and joking around all night. They also live in a GORGEOUS house overlooking Boone. Even though I was risking my life driving there since it's atop a mountain and we had floods on Wednesday and a mini blizzard Thursday (and the rest of the weekend). We're awaiting the locusts currently.


Oh look, that was spent at work too! Who would've thought?? It was snowy and very slow so I spent some time staring out the window at this awesome view (this was taken a few weeks ago, but the view didn't change much except for more snow). My night was spent watching Big Bang Theory and New Girl and eating way too much.

Look at the great view...

Crazy Saturday night

I got to wake up at 6a for work and dig my car out of 6 inches of snow at 6:45 in the morning... that's always a fun time. Thankfully, we've got that giant fireplace to dry off by when I get to work.

Toasty warm

Then, almost every single employee called out today which left us with only one cook. This meant the managers had to get on the grill and couldn't do much managing. This meant I was pretty much managing the retail side of the store. Cashiers and retail associates called out and I spent about 2 hours calling every single person multiple times to get someone to come in. It was ridiculous because either people answered and said no or ignored the calls because they saw it was work calling.

Thankfully, I was home by 1p and able to take a nap and get some errands done. Then the roomie and I watched the Super Bowl game commercials and halftime show and I had some awesome snacks.

How was everyone else's weekend??

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