Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Add it to my List: Beauty Edition

Today, I'm back again and linking up with Bre and Lauren for Add It To My List! I really enjoy reading everyone's posts and have definitely found some new things to try. So, today, I thought I would go with some of my new (or just tried and true) beauty finds.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Happy Fall Y'all!

And welcome back to your own blog, Leslie.
I've learned that I'm just not good at blogging in the summer. For most people, this would be because they're so busy outside enjoying it. It's exactly the opposite for me. I spend most of the summer hunkered down inside and refusing to go out unless I absolutely must or it's dark. 

For any of you that are also cursed by living in the South, you may understand this. I just find ZERO joy in sitting outside pretending to enjoy myself while it's 110 degrees and 100% humidity. 

Recently, I wore shorts to the first Panthers tailgate and my family gave me the hardest time for how white my legs are and "not to worry, there's plenty of time left in the season" (insert cry laughing emoji here). Basically, what I'm saying is Summer is the WORST and I'm pretty happy to say buh bye to it. Sadly, its still in the 90s here in Charlotte so if it's cooler where you are, please send it my way!