Tuesday, November 4, 2014

House Inspirations.

So I love Fall. Big, shocking statement right there, I know. But I always have. If I could rank the seasons I would definitely choose Fall, Winter, Spring and then wayyyy last place would be Summer.

So it would make sense that I'm a little upset that people are trying to kick fall out and bring in winter right now. Just because Halloween is over and we had time change over the weekend, that doesn't mean Fall is over. I keep seeing a lot of people say things "now that Fall is on the way out", etc. GUYS. It's only been Fall for, like, 5 or 6 weeks. Winter doesn't start until the week of Christmas. Let's keep enjoying our Fall leaves, pumpkin whatever it is (I actually don't like pumpkin, but whatever), corn mazes, pumpkin patches and everything else that comes with this beautiful season! We'll just enjoy all of our Fall hot beverages in red cups ;)

Now that my little Fall rant is over, the real point of my post is Fall decor. Since we're moving into our house this weekend (yes, THIS WEEKEND), I'm still going to do a little bit of Fall decorating. I probably won't go as crazy as I'd like to since we will be decorating for Christmas pretty soon, but I want to soak up as much as I can in the next few weeks!

Here are some ideas I love that I've found on Pinterest..

The Porch

The very first thing I'm going to do this weekend is grab a pumpkin, paint it with our initial and grab a clearance wreath from one of our craft stores. I'd love to make one - but I'm not going to have much time. I'll do it for Christmas :)


Miscellaneous Decor for around the house

I am SO ready to have a house to decorate. I do a little bit of decorating in the apartment, but there's just not a lot of space to fill here because it's all taken up by our normal stuff. Next year I'm sure I'll get to do even more but now that a lot of Fall stuff is on sale since everyone thinks Fall is over.. I'm sure I'll get some great deals on some things. Which is wonderful because I already plan on buying a decent chunk for Christmas this year - the husband has already approved it ;) 

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I'm a Married Lady!

Don't mind me. Just showing up on the blog as a MARRIED LADY! I'm still a little bit in shock.

If you follow along on Instagram, then I'm sure you've seen some pictures from the reception. I had asked everyone to wait until after the ceremony of the program and it actually worked! I really want to share some, but since they're already on Instagram, feel free to check out my Instagram (now leslie_dice) and the hashtag #pairofdice to see the ones our friends posted! I really want to wait to show off the ones our fabulous photographer captured throughout the day.

But, I will show you some from the rest of the weekend :)


Friday was our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Christian and I started the day with a couples massage and it was absolutely perfect. I then got a mani and pedi with my MOH and two of my bridesmaids before we started getting ready for the rehearsal! It was such a fun day.

Here's a sneak peek of the venue as the bridal party practices their exits!

And THIS is the fabulous food we had. Christian had the trout and I had the baked meatloaf. Our dinner was at a wonderful restaurant in the Southpark area of Charlotte called the Village Tavern.

My friend, Sam, got a wonderful picture of us sitting at dinner. Christian hates taking pictures so it's quite a feat that this was the first try! 

After dinner, the bridal party convinced me to go out Uptown. I was quite against it since we had so much work to get done on Saturday.. but they did a great job convincing me and we ended up having blast!

I literally have the three best friends anyone could ever ask for. These girls are my rock!

We spent most of the day putting together favors, finalizing the seating chart, making the bouquets and all those other last minute details. My entire bridal party, MOH's boyfriend and my parents and little brother all pitched in and got everything done. They are all absolute angels. My dad and brother helped me pick out the flowers and the girls put their bouquets together and my MOH made the most beautiful bouquet for me to carry down the aisle. 

That night, my grandparents had planned the most beautiful party in our honor! They throw some pretty great parties and it was really fun to be the guests of honor at this one. 

Our bridal party was the absolute best!! Seriously, no one better.

And then of course, we had to attempt a good picture of me and Christian... 

We also gave the bridal party their gifts at the party. Christian gave his guys a leather flask and some cigar stuff. I gave my girls knot earrings, fall candles from Bath and Body Works (you know, the best ever), coffee mugs red robes to get ready in the next day! 

And, then, of course, I ended the night before my wedding with a sleepover with my best friend. 

It really was the best weekend of my life thus far. I cannot wait to show you guys more shots from the wedding! But, for now, I have to be patient and wait for our photographer to get them to us! 

In other really exciting news, we got our closing notice yesterday!!! As long as all the final inspections go well, we will be homeowners come 11/7!! Yes, NEXT Friday! 

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Hello Again.

Hi there blog friends! I know its been two weeks since I last posted but that's much better than two months, right?!

We're coming up to the wedding oh so quickly and I'm in full on panic mode 24/7. I also was officially promoted at work so I've been working on settling into my new role, as well. And then there's that whole building a house thing we've got going on. People tell me on an almost daily basis that we're crazy and most day I fully agree with them!

I need a little bit of me time this week so I plan to update you guys on the house, wedding and share the events we've had already leading up to the wedding!

So today, I want to share some pictures of the house! Last week, they began painting the inside and outside as well as installing doors, railing, cabinets, etc. and I don't have any from that being done. I plan to get some over the weekend! This week, they're continuing to work on those things and hopefully move on to installing the floors and fixtures!

The building began on August 18th with the framing.. obviously.

In just a few days, the house really began to look like a real house. Granted, it can look weird in pictures but walking through it, we were really able to see what our home would look like!

This is the view from our master bedroom! 

 This is looking in through our bedroom door. 

 Our master bathroom!

 My wonderful laundry room. It's going to have a folding table on one side and I'm a little too excited. 

 Obviously, some stairs. 

 The guest bathtub went in first. 

 Followed by our bathroom.. 

And then the walls started to go up! This is our "bonus room" or loft area. Whatever you wanna call it! We're going to have a cozy sectional and TV in here.

I took this about two week ago. This isn't the color our house will be but you get a view of what our little porch will look like! I love the stone accents :) 

So there you have it - just a few snapshots of our house. I cannot wait to show you guys real pictures when it actually looks like a real house and we get to put furniture in it!

My goal tomorrow is to share pictures from the shower and/or Bachelorette weekend!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's September..

Well, hello there. Don't mind me, just showing up to my blog over two months after my last post. And I can't even promise that this will be a consistent thing quite yet. I want it to be, but with everything we have going on right now, I don't want to promise anything quite yet.

But, lets catch up on what's been going on over here since July!


We spent the 4th with my family at the lake. It was your traditional burgers, hotdogs, tubing and swimming at the lake. It was perfection. We also went out on the lake at sunset to watch fireworks all around the lake!

July had a lot of fro -yo (and lets be honest, there still is a lot of it) and some watermelon margaritas. 

We spent an entire day registering for wedding presents and it was a blast. Seriously, getting to pick out all the things you want without having to actually spend any money.. heavenly!


The first weekend of August, one of my best friends from high school married her high school sweetheart. When they first started dating he was older than us and she didn't want to tell her parents. So, for a few months, I was the only person who knew they were dating. Also, keep in mind we were 14 so nobody was really dating.. mostly text messages and passing each other in the hallway and calling each other boyfriend/girlfriend. But, they ended up staying together and 8 years later I had the pleasure of watching them get married!!

I worked on my wifey skills while I had an earlier schedule throughout the summer. It was nice getting to come home and make relatively healthy dinners for my man and eat dinner together. 

The best part of August was my bridal shower! I plan to do a whole post tomorrow.. or maybe next week... for Wedding Wednesday (wait, is this still a thing? I hope so!). My best friend did the most wonderful job planning it and made it exactly what I've always pictured. We also spent the weekend getting tons of wedding stuff done - invites, centerpieces, wedding dress fitting, etc. 

Another great part of August was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I know you guys all remember that, but I've also mentioned on here before that on of my best friend's dad has ALS so we loved seeing all the awareness AND the crazy amounts of money made for the disease. The CEO of my company did the challenge and the challenge the whole company. That lead to the whole company coming together and doing the challenge together. It. Was. Awesome. 


We had an awesome Labor Day weekend that started with an evening at the pool and grilling out with Sam and her husband. I worked that Saturday, but Sunday Sam and I woke up early and tackled the Labor Day sales at the new Charlotte Outlets. We got some insane deals and I've been dying to wear my new Fall clothes ever since! Sadly, most days have been 80+ since we went shopping.. 

We've had a crazy summer, for sure. On top of all of this fun stuff, we've obviously been planning the wedding, we've both been working really hard for promotions and of course, building the house. There will be updates on both the wedding and house soon! 

But, the most exciting part of this summer was moving businesses at work. I know I've always been vague on my job but we basically partner with huge companies across the country to do their sales and marketing. Like, huge companies. I've worked on the same business since I started but in August I was moved to a different business and last week I finally got my own team! Its absolutely wonderful to see all my hard work pay off! And, my new boss is awesome. 

My new desk :) 
Hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow with some wedding updates! Happy Tuesday, long lost blog friends!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Goals!

I didn't set any goals last month but with the wedding creeping up on us so quickly, I'm in crunch mode and I have a ton to get done!

Stick to my workout schedule // I tried on my wedding dress on Saturday and it's a smidge tighter than I remember it being so I've decided I need to trim up a little bit so I feel my best on the wedding day. For this month, I've decided to try out Blogilates and do the beginner's calendar to start off. If I like it and see some results, I"ll keep doing her monthly calendars!

Buy bridesmaids gifts // Some of my bridesmaids read my blog, so I can't post what I'm planning to give them until after the wedding. My mom actually just found the first little thing that I want to get for them and she's already snatched them up so we wouldn't miss them. The goal for the rest of the month is to have everything else ordered  - or at least decided on by July 31st. 

Find some time to relax // We're going to the lake this weekend for the 4th and 5th since I lucked out and got off work! So we'll spend two days just laying on the boat and stuffing our faces. But, I really want to have a day where we can just lay on the couch, eating frozen yogurt and cuddling. We'll see if it happens... I'd even take a few hours by the pool doing this: 

Register // My shower is going to be in August so we HAVE to register ASAP. Every spare second I've had has been spent doing something that isn't registering. So I'm trying to convince Christian that registering is going to be so fun and we really need to get out and do it! So hopefully next weekend (after the 4th) we'll get to it. 

Drink more water // On top of my workout goals, I'm also working on phasing out Coke. I drink a lot of Coke and I'm positive if I can cut that out, I will lose the couple inches I'm looking to lose before the wedding and Honeymoon. 

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